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Virtue After Sin (Kirk/Bones)

Title: Virtue After Sin
Rating: R-ish
Pairings: Kirk/Bones with a brief mention of Spock/Uhura.
Word Count: 1239.
Disclaimer: I own nothing at all.
Summary: Jim sins and Bones takes note.
Warning/Spoilers: None.
A/N: First time posting for this fandom, even though I've been following it for a while. This also came from the Star Trek XI Kink Meme. Also, the title is a twist on the Judas Priest Album Sin After Sin and the virtue charity can be defined as loving everyone, and being loving to everyone including your enemies.

"You insatiable idiot." Bones growled pushing Kirk onto the bio-bed while pulling off his shirt.

"You wouldn't have me any other way, Bones." Kirk grinned making quick work of Bones' slacks and underwear freeing his cock.

Bones grunted and unbuttoned Kirk's slacks and grinned. "You slut. No underwear again? Easy access as always, Jim."

Kirk grinned, his lips meeting Bones', his teeth nibbling at the doctor's lower lip.

Twenty minutes later and Bones noticed that Kirk had left Sickbay without bothering to rearrange his disheveled appearance. He let out a sigh, the whole damn crew was going to find out within the next day that they had fucked in Sickbay and there was nothing he could do about it. Sometimes, he mused, Jim had just a bit too much lust sometimes. Not that it was completely bad, of course.

"I thought I told you to stop indulging in those cinnamon buns, Jim. You're getting rounder."

"Is that your way of telling me I'm getting too fat for you?" Kirk asked, his mouth full of one of the buns in question.

Bones rolled his eyes. "No, it's my way of telling you that you're being a glutton and that you need to lay off the damn buns. At the rate you're going it won't be the Klingons or the Romulans that kill you, it'll be your own damn eating habits."

"Have you had these buns? They are heavenly. No one can blame me for eating it."

"When you've had as many as you've had the past few days, yes they can. Now-" Bones snatched the bun out of Kirk's hand before continuing. "tomorrow, I'm going to make sure that the replicator isn't going to give you the buns, and instead, you earned yourself a week of strictly vegetarian meals."

Kirk made a grab for the bun only to be unsuccessful and stared at Bones. "Bones. I order you to give me that bun back."

Bones chuckled. "Jim. You forget that I'm your chief medical officer. When it comes to eating habits, I give the orders not you. Now come with me."

"I am perfectly capable of walking to the bridge without grabbing one of those delightful buns. No need to watch over me like a mother hen."

Bones rolled his eyes and walked over to Chekov. "Here kid, have a cinnamon bun."

Chekov's grinned and took a bite out of it causing Kirk to frown.

"You just proved my point. Now come on."

When it came to the Enterprise and being her captain, Kirk stopped at nothing to get them. The greedy little idiot. He got her and even though his mother thinks that he's happier just because of his relationship with Bones, Bones knows the truth. The greedy little bastard was given the power and the ship he wanted from Starfleet, and he was just a lovely addition to Kirk's pile of riches.

"I'm not getting out of bed and neither are you. We're on shore leave, and we should just lay around and stay in bed doing nothing." Kirk lazily kissed Bones, pulling away slowly as he traced shapes on his lover's chest.

"I am getting out bed, Jim, because your come is starting to dry and I am not going to let it dry. I'm not going to rip out my hair when pulling off the covers just because you wouldn't let me take a shower. Now you can stay in bed if you want, but I am going to shower." Bones moved swiftly out of the bed and turned around to see Kirk starting to fall asleep again.

As Bones walked to the shower one thought crossed his mind. Why the hell did Jim turn into such a sloth the first two days of a shore leave?

They are on a new planet that has joined the Federation when it happens. The species is like the Orions with their sexual appetite and naturally Bones thought that Jim would be all over them. He may have been seeing him exclusively on the ship, but he never passed up the chance to flirt with any of the alien races leaders (or their daughters or sons). Surprisingly enough, the aliens rebuff him and instead turn their attention to Bones.

Needless to say, it's only due to Spock's speed and incredible strength that Jim didn't attempt to kill the ambassador's son and cause a diplomatic incident in the process. Bones starts to think that he might like Jim's possessive streak after that impressive display of wrath on his behalf.

Back at the academy, Bones saw parts of Kirk that no one else ever did (or will). He saw the looks that he gave the couples that walked by, however brief they were. Kirk may have been the biggest playboy on campus but Bones knew that all he wanted was someone to spend all of his nights with instead of the bed warmers that he changed more frequently than socks. He knew that look, the envious look, considering he had given it to the aforementioned bed warmers when Kirk wasn't looking.

Bones saw the look again when Kirk realized that Spock was involved with Uhura and decided to prescribe the best medicine. Himself.

His reasoning if anyone ever asked was that he already had a green blooded monster and that he didn't need a green eyed one.

One thing Kirk hasn't learned yet is that he isn't indestructible as evidenced by the injuries Bones is stuck treating.

"What the hell were you thinking Jim?" He growled out scanning him with his tricorder.

"Nothing really. He said that the Enterprise was junk and that the crew were supreme idiots and that I was ugly and stupid and I don't really remember the rest."

"Oh, so he injured your ego first and then you decided to let him do physical damage too? Dammit Jim."

"No. I just- Bones."

"Don't Bones me, you damn idiot. You need to learn that you break, bruise, and that it would be surprisingly easy for you to die."

"I know-" Bones shot him in the neck with a hypospray before he finished the sentence and let him fall back onto the bed behind him.

"Save it for later, Jim." Bones rubbed his temples. "You know, one of these days your pride is going to get the best of you and that will be the day I can't save you."

Bones sees it time and time again after the Nero incident. Every time they meet a new species or ambassador. Every time they are stuck fighting a Klingon or a Romulan. He sees Jim being the most charitable person he's ever seen. He loves everyone, he doesn't discriminate on helping people in trouble. He's actually acting virtuous and it's slightly worrying.

"Jim?" He asks as they eat dinner.

"Yeah Bones?"

"When did you decide to act-"

Jim interrupts. "Like I actually have morals? Like I'm a virtuous person? Well, there was a lovely doctor who told me that I needed to stop doing some things in case they caused my death. He's really attractive, so I decided maybe I should listen to this attractive, intelligent doctor."

Bones just smiles and lets out a small sigh of relief. Maybe his lover isn't entirely bad. Maybe there is something there worth holding onto that isn't just a mess of sin. Perhaps, he thinks, this might actually end well.
Tags: kirk/bones, r, slash, star trek!
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